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Frequently asked questions about au pairs

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Selection process

Are your au pair applicants already in Australia?

We offer two options:
Applicants who are ‘here now’ and available for you to personally interview in your home.
Pre-select’ applicants who are ready to come to Australia. Pre select applicants are thoroughly interviewed and screened by our long-term partner agencies. Back to top

How does your au pair service differ from other agencies?

Some agencies require you to search through online databases, and this can lead to disappointment if other families are also interested in a particular applicant. We offer a personal service and do the work for you. We present you with detailed files of applicants who we feel match your needs, saving you time and effort. Back to top

Do you only place with families in Sydney?

We predominately place in Sydney and major cities. We do place au pairs in country/rural areas but there are fewer applicants for these areas. Back to top

How long does it take to get an au pair?

For au pairs already in Australia, the process can take as little as one week. For pre-select applicants the process can take longer as travel arrangements need to be made. At some times of year when au pairs are in short supply, the process can take longer. Back to top

Do you offer a guarantee/trial period?

Yes, the au pair or nanny has a one-month trial period from their start date with your family. We will offer advice and full support if problems do arise during a placement. If the au pair or nanny is not suited to your family, Select Au Pairs will replace them as soon as possible at no extra charge (one replacement only which is valid for a 12-month period).
Late payment of the placement fee will negate the guarantee/trial period. Please note, Select Au Pairs works as an introduction agency and accepts no liability for any candidates introduced and selected by the client. Back to top

For how long are au pairs and nannies placed?

A typical au pair or nanny placement is for six months or more. The working holiday visa is valid for 12 months, but most applicants also want to travel around Australia so don’t plan to work for the entire time they are in the country. Back to top

What nationalities apply?

All nationalities that are eligible for a Working Holiday Visa or Student Visa for Australia can apply. We frequently interview English, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Scandinavian, Japanese, Korean and South American au pair candidates. Back to top

What age are au pairs normally?

In general au pairs are aged from 19 to mid-twenties. Back to top

Do you have male au pairs as well as female au pairs?

Yes we do have male au pairs and are happy to discuss with you the advantages of having a male au pair. Back to top

Roles and responsibilities

What is an au pair expected to do?

Au pairs assist with childcare and all childcare related domestic duties including:
Wake children in the morning and prepare children for the day
Prepare breakfast and lunch for the children
Take children to and from school/kindy.
Take children to daytime activities or afternoon sports.
Clean and tidy kitchen and shared family/play areas
Clean and tidy children’s bedrooms and tend to children’s laundry.
Prepare children’s meals and snacks
Assist with homework, bathing and put to bed
Running errands Back to top

How many hours a week does an au pair work?

Au pairs can work part-time or full-time hours, varying from a minimum of 30 hours to a maximum of 50 hours per week. Au pairs like to have 2 days per week free, ideally weekends or 2 days together. Demi pairs study and are only available 20 hours per week and ideally fit families needing late afternoon or evening help. Back to top

What do I have to provide for an au pair?

A welcoming home where the au pair feels part of a family. Au pairs require their own private room, all meals and weekly pocket money. Au pairs require regular time off as agreed in advance. Back to top

What age children can au pairs look after?

Au pairs can look after children older than 2 and younger than 18. Au pairs are not qualified childcare workers and cannot be responsible for looking after babies unsupervised for long periods during the day. However au pairs’ experience will vary greatly and some applicants will have experience when it comes to caring for babies and be confident in this role. If you have children under two you may like to employ a nanny. Back to top

Can au pairs work sole charge of children or mother’s help?

Au pairs can work in either role. As sole charge of children over the age of two years, or as mother’s help working alongside mum as another pair of helping hands. Back to top

Can au pairs drive?

Yes, most au pairs will have an International Driver’s Licence and a history of their driving experience for you to see. If an au pair is driving your car, then the insurance is your responsibility including any excess. Back to top

What happens if I have problems with my au pair?

We offer support and advice to both the family and the au pair during the placement period. For ‘pre select’ applicants, if any problems do occur, our partner overseas agencies Skype with the au pair to offer assistance and guidance . Back to top

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