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Finding your Au Pair

We offer two placement options

Our placement process is designed to be as straightforward and easy as possible. We need to know what your needs are, so we ask you to fill in and submit a detailed online Family Registration Form. There is no charge to submit this form. If you have queries relating to the form, we are happy to discuss them with you.


The Family Registration Form asks you to tell us if a particular au pair option interests you – ‘here now’ applicants or ‘pre select’ applicants, or you may choose ‘either option’. We will short-list applicants for you based on the option you have chosen.

The ‘Here Now’ option

If your choice is to consider ‘here now’ applicants, we assess the suitability of applicants already in Australia by personally interviewing them in our Sydney office.

We consider their suitability, checking their experience in childcare, their aptitude for management of household duties and their flexibility to fit into family life. We also look at aspects of their personality such as self reliance, dependability, their interests and their background.

We will discuss with you potentially suitable applicants for you to interview in your home. Referee information is made available for families who want to check the references personally. We use our experience as a long-term established Agency and we will help you recruit the most suitable au pair for your family.

The ‘Pre-select’ option

If your choice is to consider ‘pre-select’ applicants, then you are choosing from applicants prior to their arrival in Australia.

These candidates are personally interviewed and thoroughly screened by our trusted overseas partner agencies. We have been working with our partner agencies for many years. They are very experienced au pair recruiters. They carefully check references, obtain medical reports and check that applicants have no criminal record. Their applicants supply a CV, photos and a personal introductory letter. These documents are included in an extensive file for you to review.

We will assess available applicants and suggest suitable candidates for your family and make their files available for your consideration. Once you are interested in an applicant, we will then supply your Family Registration Form to our partner agency and they will personally speak with the applicant and make your Family Form available for the applicant to view.

The au pair applicant will contact you via email and suggest suitable times for a Skype interview. Once you and the au pair feel comfortable and if both parties are happy to proceed, we will arrange the Working Holiday Visa and travel arrangements.

For both options, once the au pair has joined your family, we remain available to assist with advice and support throughout the placement.

Which option to choose?

The ‘Here now’ option allows you to personally interview a prospective au pair in your own home. As the applicants are already in Sydney the process can be a little quicker if you are in urgent need. These applicants generally commit 3 to 6 months to a family.

For the ‘Pre-select’ option, as the process is normally done in advance, you have the peace of mind knowing that your new au pair will be arriving when your current au pair is leaving. These applicants commit a minimum of 6 months to a family.

If you wish to consider both types of applicant, when you fill in the Family Registration Form select either ‘option’.

Live-out au pairs

We also offer live-out au pairs for Sydney families only. Live-out au pairs require a minimum of 5 hours work daily, in one block with no split shifts.

Whichever option you prefer, choosing the Select Au Pairs placement process makes finding a suitable au pair easy and stress free. We offer a personal service and our aim is to make a successful placement. The majority of our families come through referrals.