Five Fabulous Tips for Busy Mums

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Five Fabulous Tips for Busy Mums

Whether you work full or part-time, work from home, or are a stay-at-home mum, it’s pretty common to feel that there are never enough hours in the day. While everyone has their own ideas about getting things done (and we know you’re a great multi-tasker!), most people can use a little help now and again. Here are five tips that will hopefully inspire you to work wisely, and leave you with some vital me-time.

1. Set a routine

Housework and other chores about the home are work first and foremost, so it can be helpful to think about them as you would a job. We all know that children (and lack of energy) have a habit of interrupting our best laid-plans, but in general it can be useful to try and create a routine, and stick to it as much as possible. The detail is going to depend entirely on you, and what suits your circumstances. While some people might like to create a fully-fledged timetable for example, most are likely to keep it a little more flexible. But whether you schedule them for a specific day or time, make sure your routine includes regular activities such as washing (clothes, sheets, towels), cooking, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom.

2. Schedule a spring – and autumn – clean

A spring clean can be a great way to get to all those jobs that only need doing once in a blue moon, and put a fresh face on your home. Spring cleans can become overwhelming when your list of do-jobs grows too long though, so extend your ‘spring’ clean to twice or even three times a year. Pick a date (for example the first weekend in September and March), make a list of what you need to do, and divide it up with family members to help ensure that everything gets done.

3. Shop online

Online shopping can be super convenient and time saving, whether you’re buying birthday or Christmas presents, or doing the weekly groceries. It also affords you the flexibility to shop at any time of the day or night, saves you valuable time by having items delivered to the door, and allows you to keep an eye out for specials. Most shopping websites let you register to save your details for next time, and major supermarket sties will even let you keep your shopping list on hand so you can use it as a base for subsequent shops. Sign up to mailing lists for member discounts, or advanced notice of upcoming specials.

4. Employ time-saving tools

While there are plenty of gadgets out there that we really don’t need, a select few can be particularly useful around the home. A slow cooker for instance, is a fabulous appliance that helps you cook nutritious meals, without having to stand over an oven. It can work while you sleep, or when you’ve stepped out. Similarly, a rice cooker is a nifty way to prepare rice without having to keep an eye on it, and it will keep cooked rice warm once it’s done, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of the meal. A robot vacuum cleaner is another item that some people are finding useful.
Before choosing any gadget for the home, consider if you really need it and realistically how much you will use it. And do read product reviews to gauge quality. Additionally, check out phone apps (and related reviews) as there are plenty around to help you plan, schedule and organise your days.

5. Cook creatively

Cooking every night is exhausting and time-consuming, so plan as best you can to minimise meal preparation. Pick a cooking day (Sundays work well) to make a few meals in bulk and freeze divided portions to have on hand for weeknight meals. Additionally, always make large enough dinners so that you can use leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. Consider too how to use leftovers creatively. Meat left over from a large Sunday roast for instance, might be used in a risotto, pasta sauce or salad. Start a new tradition with Friday night omelettes, a great way to use up leftovers and feed the family quickly and easily. And do make use of the slow cooker to cook while you do other things – or dare we say it, relax!

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Of course, sometimes even the most organised of us can still use a helping hand. A mother’s helper can be a godsend for many families who are looking for help around the home, or with childcare. If you’re in need of a mother’s helper in Sydney, or surrounding areas, why not get in touch? We can connect you with wonderful mothers’ helpers, who can be your extra pair of hands when it comes to helping out with the kids and around the home. There are plenty of other flexible options as well, including qualified nannies and au pairs, if you’d like someone to be in sole charge of the children!