Select Au Pairs and Nannies

Select Au Pairs and Nannies

Select Au Pairs and Nannies

Finding the right person to look after your little ones is an important decision. The person you choose to take care of your children needs to be someone you can trust and feel comfortable with, especially if they are going to be living in your home. Finding and screening potential candidates can be time consuming and stressful, and it can take a while to find the perfect candidate.

Many families turn to professional agencies when they are looking for an au pair or nanny, as the pre-screening process is taken care of for them. Most au pair agencies employ a system of background checks, and all candidates generally have to meet a minimum standard of experience and/or training. Knowing that candidates you meet have already been thoroughly screened for background and suitability and matched to the specific needs of your family can make the process a lot more straightforward and less of a headache.

Select Au Pairs and Nannies is one of Sydney’s best agencies, and has been owned and operated by myself, Jillian Beilby, for the past 20 years. My years of experience and reputation has meant that Select has been trusted by hundreds of families all over Sydney and the surrounding area. Select offers a full au pair service, including screening, interviewing and assisting with any ongoing support needs you might have. Advice is an integral part of the service as well, particularly for those who are employing an au pair for the first time and may be feeling hesitant about having someone live in their home.

When you contact Select Au Pairs and Nannies, our work with you begins with a thorough, in-depth discussion of your family’s situation and needs. Whatever your reason for needing an au pair, whether it is because you work, have other commitments or need an extra pair of hands around the home, we understand and will work hard to find the right au pair for you.

In choosing candidates, Select takes all your preferences into consideration, whether you have a specific background, nationality or personality request, so that the agency can be sure the au pair placed with you fits on all levels, not just competency at their job. Having someone come and live in your family home can be a daunting experience, especially if you have never had an au pair before, so Select will help you through the process and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Select Au Pairs and Nannies can also help you with your other in-home childcare needs, including mothers’ helps. If you need a nanny to take sole charge of your children, or just an extra pair of hands around the home a few days a week, or aren’t sure about having a live-in au pair, Select can find you the right person to look after your children when you are working or need a break, or to be there after school and help out with the housework and childcare.

Whatever your childcare needs, you can trust Select Au Pairs to find you the best possible help. With extensive experience in the au pair industry and successful placements for over a thousand families, we are experts at finding the right au pair for every family and providing the ongoing support and advice you need to ensure that your experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.